August 24, 2012

    Agree with half of this advice, but not the other half 🙂

    You’re right about including a link – news orgs should (almost) never post something on FB that doesn’t have a link, whether its to your own site or an affiliate station site or national news site.

    BUT – the information posted on FB should ALSO be posted to your organization’s website, too, and the FB post should include the first sentence (or two) of the brief story, AND a link back to the actual story on the news website. That way, people already have a link to your site and will continue to use it as you add new information to the breaking news story.

    But here’s the disagreement: as far as a photo – I understand the “draw” of having a visual, but I am adamantly opposed to stock images in just about every situation.

    Kim Wilson

    August 24, 2012

    Hi David, I knew someone would jump on that! Yes, use of stock images is debatable. And I certainly see your point. It’s far less controvercial to just go with a graphic that says “breaking news.” IMHO, depending on the story – I think stock images can be considered. To me it’s not much different than using a stock image in an OTS or full screen graphic. But again, it depends on the genre of the story. The bottom line is to use a visual of some kind – whatever lines up with your newsroom’s standards.

    Thanks for your input and thanks for reading my blog!

    Jay F. Hicks

    August 24, 2012

    This is a very sound advice. Breaking news especially when it’s local news is really a big driver for user interaction on Facebook. The point is about staying ahead of the game and constantly evolving. Keep the posts coming.